Video: Andrey Morev | Sound mastering: Aleksandr Nazarov QS | Original music: Tobiasz Unfa Karoń
BUMART is an open project for designers and artists to share their creativity for the benefit of helping people and creating a better future. We build a new world, a new meaning and a new way of communication. Not only is a mask becoming essential protection, and a part of the image of people in a changing world, but a projection of one's personality and expression of emotions. For artists it is a new language and an opportunity to produce a mass art, a projection of the artist's voice and declare statements on peoples faces. It's an echo of street art that allows to adjoin the personality of each person. The BUMART is a part of the BUMASK project and reflects all its values – the simplicity, laconism and functionality.
To become a part of BUMART
- Download a template of the mask (in ai format) on our website and apply your print.
- Send us an email with your work, a short bio and a few words about your art style.
- Ideally if you can take a picture of you in a mask to create a -unique portrait of an author and his art.
We are open to new ideas and collaborations, send us your proposal.