The first anti-coronavirus cardboard mask with a replaceable filter
The first anti-coronavirus cardboard mask with a replaceable filter
New. Update 15.05.2020 | Version 2.1 | 55610 visitors | 6312 downloads
Foldable cardboard mask with replaceable filter and defense against excessive viral load. Reduces the risk of coronavirus respiratory invasion and spreading through through close contact. Can be easily made at home or printed in a neareby shop. Doesn't require technical skills, extremely fast to produce anywhere in the world. Filter replacements can be made of available materials. Standart recycling as cardboard waste. Distributes through open file access with instruction or as a printed product through delivery services, transport etc.
How to make the mask
Prepare the mask (print or unpack). 3 sizes to cut ready.
Fold the mask along the marked lines. Fix the connection line using glue or duct tape. Check the strength.
Pierce the holes for the cords.
Cut the cord according to the length needed (120-15- cm). Follow please illustration.
Pull them starting from the nose and check the fit. Pull them again if needed.
Push the fold lines around the nose to adjust the mask to nose bridge and push through the ventilation valves on the left and right sides.
You will need a piece of filtering cloth. Size printed with thin line. Any breathing cloth is suitable from a paper napkin (weak filtration) to a HEPA filter. Mask material: cardboard or plastic.
Fold the filtering material into 2-3 layers. Put the formed filter into the mask so that the top of the filter sits slightly above the nose bridge and the bottom butts up against the bottom of the mask.
Version 2.1 | Update 15.05.2020

Remember. Products are a result of hard work and knowledge of many people. We have opened it as a gesture of goodwill and a gift to everyone. Please do not use our product without notifying us or in any commercial or not detrimental projects. Please share our project on social networks!
Idea & design
Evgeny Maslov
Lead Designer BMW Group Designworks/ Munich/ Germany from 2005. From 2001 to 2005 the leading industrial designer of the Studio Artemy Lebedev.
We designers can not stand aside and wait until everything is over. At the same time, we must also understand that everything in the world is changing. The objects we apply our knowledge to, our design methods, and the way our teams interact. We must be more flexible, faster, wiser and of course more efficient in the most important areas: helpfulness and kindness.
Even when everything is over the world will not be the same. By focusing on creating the most needed life saving tools we design new ways of communication and new icon of trust and safety.

"After coming to Moscow for a few days on March 2020, I ended up having to stay for weeks. First, because of quarantine, then because of flight cancellations. After that, I made conscious choice to act and put all my knowledge to use. That lead me to the open non commercial project-lab whose main goal to put together the power and knowledge of the lead designers for the quick creation of both design strategies of necessary objects which can greatly benefit society and provide designs to manufacturers in critical situations."
I am happy that these people joined the project:
Anna Reshetnikova
Lead designer SMIRNOVDESIGN (Russia, Moscow)
Alexey Soloviev
Ekaterina Makarova
Productive thought fairy
Anna Root
Web-designer (Germany)
Andrey Morev
Motion designer (Russia)
Michael Gaidamaka
Developer (Russia)
Tamura Yoshiyasu
Artist (Japan)
Eduard Hein
Industrial designer (Germany)
Natsuko Nikita Watanabe
Japanese text (Japan)

Nadezhda Okhunova

Art Producer (USA)

Marina Gauert
Illustrator (Germany)

Konstantin ertaro Zankov

3D modeler (Russia)
Unavailability of the masks and difficulty of manufacturing.

  • Lack of protection. In many cities and hospitals there are no masks or not enough.
  • Isolation. Impossible to leave home, buy or order a delivery.
  • Price and availability. Increased demand raised prices and pushes people to buy low quality masks.
  • Time. Setting up the production. Special equipment and materials are required.
  • Dependence on imported materials and technologies. Training of personnel and people working in manufactures.
  • Certification and tests. Medical masks require certification and equipment and multi-stage testing.
  • Storage and delivery. The material is easily polluted, requiring special storage and logistic.
  • Visual design. The choice between a medical or technical mask both functionally and aesthetically does not suit daily life. A complete lack of friendly and endearing aesthetics.
  • Duration and cost of use. The medical mask requires frequent changes. The cost of daily use increases.
Simple design to make a mask at home in isolation. Available materials.

  • The flat pattern of the mask can be produced by printing shop or printed at home. Quickly folded into an ergonomic shape.
  • Special or available material folded in a few layers is embedded into mask to filter the incoming and outgoing air. The filtering element is replaceable, but the mask itself is designed for 4-6 filter change cycles.
  • Standart recycling. The entire set placed in a flat package can be delivered to the user free of charge by courier services or distributed in public places. The manufacturing expenses may be covered by sponsor companies (that place their information on the mask).
  • The idea and the need for such a solution is not to compete with existing products, but when for various reasons they are not available BUMASK is a chance to replace them. Even a paper towel filter protects by 30-40 percent. Filter made of a material for a greenhouse on 60-70.
  • The main function of the mask is not to claim complete protection, which no mask can provide, but to reduce the level of virus concentration in the inhaled air and protect others.


As simple as it possible. Every detail is important. It is more than simply a mask, it is a tool for new type of citizen.
  • head size adjustment (two sizes)
  • inhale air adjustment (adaptation to the filter material)
  • measuring stick for the cord
  • cut lines
  • lower valve to adjust the beard shape

Integrated instruction

  • order of the cord threading
  • folding and cut lines
  • wearing time recommendation
  • nose valves press the filter
  • lower valve to breath out with mouth
  • hole for taking a coronavirus test
  • eyeglasses condensation protection


  • voice valve for talking
  • moving lower part of mask for talking or smiling

Embedding filter made at home individually from the available materials.
The choice of material
We recommend making a few filters at once to change them every 2-3 hours. The aim of filtration is not total protection of infected air but to reduce it's concentration which may lead to infection. Remember. There is no material or mask that guarantees you full protection.


  • paper napkin
  • cotton cloth
  • HEPA filter
  • greenhouse cloth
* we highly recommend you to make sure the material of your choice is adequate to hygienic standards. Do not reuse the material
You need scissors or a knife. Cut the filter using a marks on your mask. After folding, it must be a square about 12-13 cm (see the markers on the mask).


Filter embedded into the mask with a slight overlap at the nose bridge. Check the reliability of fixation on the side and central valves area. Check the fixation in the chin area.
Project started on March 18th 2020. On that day there were 218744 infected people detected. 8951 had died.
Such a simple result is the result of a hard work. The design construction of the mask took about two weeks. About 6 different variations of the mask where designed and 3D printed until the situation escalated and totally changed the concept - we needed a mask to distribute as quick as possible. A few plastic foldable masks were designed. We had to rethink the simplicity and availability once again. Thus based on a 3D model, we developed a new BUMASK design which is both the fastes and cheapest to produce. In total about 30 prototypes where manufactured and about 40 hours spent on the mask.
Project mission
Every day, every house, and every person is important. Sometimes we are lulled into thinking that everything can be found, bought and delivered, but this is a mistake. A mistake of a people who are used to everything, think they know everything, and are prepared for everything. But the world around us has changed and we are to know it anew. Understand and create everything together, each according to his talent and skills.
Chance for everyone
Any chance that BUMASK can help those without a mask, we consider as a victory for us.
The basic task is to give the ability of personal protection to those who find it unavailable, regardless of why and where.
Maximum speed, for free and with the ability for easy domestic use and change anywhere in the world.
Better chance of not getting infected
Availability of medical mask or its analogs doesn't guarantee protection. It is necessary to review the concept and create a mask that reduces the chance for everyone to get sick, even if its production and materials are not optimal.
Decrease in virus concentration
Any chance to minimize the concentration of the virus in the air is undoubtedly a reason to release our project.
Participation of everyone
To create a mask within a short timeframe, under extreme conditions, and then together with users lead it to perfection. Everyone can be not only a user, but also the creator.
No matter what happens, we are understand that now is the time for the strong to help weak. That is why we opening the project for anyone who's interests match its project.

If you are representative of a bank, post office, or delivery service and you highly value people. If you are ready to manufacturing, pay for manufacturing, deliver, or distribute. If you understand the importance of sharing information about the project, its design, thoughts and creators, please contact us.
Please contact us