BUMASK update 2.0

Hi friends, it’s been a week since we launched the website, and we already got 35,000 visitors and up to 2,000 downloads. Many thanks to all BUMASK Community! Based on your feedback and recommendations we upgraded our mask, and starting today the new version is available to download.

What’s new in Version 2.0

• We created a black and white version of the mask so you can print it at home if you don’t have a color printer.

• Our Japanese friends’ designers helped us to simplify the concept of the mask. Now it has just one lace and more comfortable regulation and fixation on the face. As simple as to tie shoelaces! To make the fixation easier we created the system of smart side grooves. At the same time we thought about the kids version of the mask. Now you can fix it with one nice knot. Arigato!

• Based on recommendations of our Mexican friends’ designers we created a simple system that allows you to choose three main sizes of the mask from one pattern. Gracias!

• German designers created a simple mechanism of fixing a replaceable filter or filtering cloth from the sides. Wunderbar!

• We improved ergonomics and fitting the mask on the face.

• Now you can easily choose a size of filtering material using a pattern on the printed BUMASK list.

BUMASK Project is open to your ideas, illustrations and photos. Let’s help each other no matter where we are now.

Version 1.7 is still available to download on the website. Feel free to try and create your mask. Stay safe!